Who are these old ladies anyway?


I’ve been working for the same company for 16 years. I started back before people made a big fuss about not having enough women in tech. I remember writing Java code in emacs (sorry vi, it was just friendlier than “I’m typing stuff but nothing’s happening, oh, I forgot to hit ‘i’ for insert!”) and compiling via command line. I actually got comfortable writing html in Notepad and didn’t feel like switching over to an editor that would do syntax highlighting (but I use Brackets now, so I’m not completely stuck in the stone age).

I’ve always loved to draw and actually studied architecture in college, so I really enjoy being at the intersection of design and programming. I met Gertrude a few years ago, when I joined her team of UI developers and prototypers, and we found that we shared many of the same ideals, as well as being old(er) ladies. Hope you enjoy our blog!

~ Gladys

I have gray hair, wrinkles, and a grandson. And I write code in my day job for IBM. My specialty is HTML/CSS and I use jQuery now for javascript. I don’t miss writing it the old school way, when O’Reilly’s DHTML book was my bible.

We’ve come a long way since I started in this business. I love coding for modern browsers and all the things CSS can do now. I started out when cascading stylesheets had just been invented. Back then I was also creating multimedia CDs using Macromedia Director and similar software.

Before that, I was a COBOL programmer. Nuff said. Boring as heck. So glad I got into the world of visuals. I love to create, and the web is my canvas.

~ Gertrude


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